This blog exists to show how thinking people, through the ages, viewed the human races.

I made this blog to counter lazy thinking. Too often, some luminary’s “racist” writings are dismissed as being “from a different time,” or seen as evidence of a grave character defect. Students are discouraged from reading them. Media reports make vague, derisive references to them. Few people take the time and effort to find out what the person actually said, and if there is any truth to it.

If there is no truth to what these men and women have written, that will be easy to prove. Any intelligent student can show rubbish as rubbish without resorting to fallacy or invective. If there is truth, tempered by contempt, hatred, pity or some other bad feeling, then the reader can either make allowances for it, or seek other commentaries. And what if there are truths, however inconvenient or uncomfortable, in these quotes? Which is better, to run from the truth or to seek it out?

Ignorance is perilous. A man who steps off a bridge, ignorant of the law of gravity, may feel he is flying––for a moment. A gruesome end awaits him. Those who deal with the world not as it is, but as they think it should be, may have momentary success––these successes are illusions. Nature always returns.

The concept for this blog was shamelessly stolen from “Great Minds on God, Religion and Science.” I do not want to focus, as “Great Minds on God…” does, on one viewpoint (in their case, atheism and irreligion). While precious little on this blog is “politically correct,” as political correctness is a recent phenomenon, many diverse opinions and ideas are expressed herein.

Anti-racists tend to assume that any heterodoxy is a covert expression of hatred. Race-related problems will not be solved when society takes this attitude. It behooves us to look at race, and all its concomitant issues, head-on, even if that means accepting that utopia really is “no place.” Through free inquiry and open discussion, we can dispel ignorance and come to a better understanding of nature and our world. This understanding lets us work with reality, instead of against it, preventing much suffering and enlarging the scope of human consciousness.


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